Restoration and Reproduction
Unrestored Original
Restored Finished - digitally enhanced restoration


TinType Original
TinType Finished - digitally enhanced restoration

Would you like your valuable old photograph to look like the day it was taken?

Most photographs will require between 15-45 minutes to restore, unless there is major damage to photo, severe scratches, or major area discoloration on photograph.

What will it cost me?
  • Order Processing Fee of $9.99 (includes placing your original and finished images on CD-R disc for future orders). Required on all orders.
  • Restoration $25 per hour with a $7.50 minimum charge, plus the cost of prints.
  • Prints - Click on the Prints tab for prices.
  • Shipping - Click on the Shipping tab.

All work is done on a digital photographic image, not on your original photograph, negative or slide.

Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money refunded, less shipping.

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